Why do so many foreign MBBS degree holders fail in the MCI test to practice in India?

Why so many doctors fail FMGE exam?

  1. Quality of Education
  2. Indian medical standards and drug prescription doesn’t matches with the standards of Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, China, Georgia, Bangladesh, Nepal. Training and education in these countries won’t help Indian students to achieve Indian standards.
  3. Technologically Backward: Among the countries listed Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ukraine and Georgia are backward nations. In these countries MBBS Education for International students is a business.
  4. Language Barrier: Apart from Nepal and Bangladesh, every other country has a different language. They claim that education will be in English with extra classes for local language. Students are over burdened with medical studies and a burden of new language, think yourself. Also, during internship students treats patients speaking local language. English speaking in these countries are negligible. Students have to suffer during their most important phase of studies.

Better Options for Medical Studies Abroad

  1. USA: Undoubtedly USA is the best place to study medicine. USA is the most advanced and technologically sound country for MBBS/MD. After completing your MBBS from USA you can work in 147 countries. Many colleges are offering discount/SCHOLARSHIP for Indian students making it possible to study MBBS in just 32–35 lakh for the whole course which include complete tuition fees, hostel and food. MBBS in USA – Study MBBS Abroad, USA MBBS Admissions | Career Voyage
  2. Mauritius: Mauritius is like a second home to India students. Mauritius MBBS curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by Medical Council of India. Mauritius has 100% success rate in Screening Exam MBBS in Mauritius | Career Voyage
  3. United Kingdom: UK is an expensive option but the quality of education, exposure and professional respect make it worth. MBBS in UK | Career Voyage

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