Should we write both PLAB and MRCP to practice in the UK after completing MBBS?

UK has various test at various levels to practice as a General Physician/Specialist in UK

PLAB 1 – PLAB 1 is an eligibility test for International Medical Graduates.It enables you to take up internship in UK after your MBBS abroad. If you are looking for temporary registration to pursue a PG course in UK. GMC has provisions that one can take courses without PLAB if sponsored by sponsoring bodies. Many Universities and royal colleges have privilege to sponsor students with some conditions. We help admission directly in MD programs in some clinical specialities namely Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Psychiatric practice, Oncology, Diabetes, Respiratory

PLAB 2 – This exam is taken after PLAB 1 and is conducted in UK only. Successful candidates are allowed to practice as a General Physician in UK. Test is conducted only in UK. It enables you to get GMC registration as a General Physician and practice medicine in UK.

MRCP – MRCP makes you eligible to get into specialist register in a concerned speciality and practice as a specialist. Successful candidates gets global passport in their speciality and the Membership is golden feather in your hat. It is also mandatory for CCT, ST1 and ST2 training in UK.

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